« Art, Design, a story of furniture… »

In 2013, after many years collaborating with different architecture firms, Daphné Jacquin, Architect with a degree from Ecole d’Architecture des Beaux Arts de Paris, decided to establish the studio Chez D&C design in Barcelona, specializing in furniture and accessories. Chez D&C design studio aims for a design concept that stands for modern and elegant furniture. Its functional and cheerful furniture has been specifically made to last as part of your home. Its hardwood modular furniture, designed with clean lines, and bright colors can easily be adapted as singular pieces in any spot of your home; this is what makes our brand distinctive. Chez D&C design studio launches its first collection in response to our desire for modernity and poetry in everyday life, combining, with equilibrium and harmony, functional and aesthetic, wood and metal, bright colors and clean lines. Our products are made in Spain in collaboration with qualified artisans, guaranteeing the quality of our creations. We encourage you to check out our collection, and if you are interested in the Chez D&C Design philosophy, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@chezdancdesign.com.